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Horizons International exists to communicate and demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to all people, so that the world would be transformed by God’s love and forgiveness.

Our ministry involves charity and community development that benefits orphans, widows, and impoverished communities. However, since we believe that spiritual issues are at the core of human suffering, our primary focus is evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.

We invite you to browse through the various ministries listed and prayerfully consider joining us in this exciting journey of following Jesus to the ends of the earth.

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Georges Houssney,

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Engaging Islam – The Book

Georges Houssney (Treeline Publishing, 2010)

Georges Houssney’s new book, Engaging Islam, alerts Christians to the challenges and opportunities of reaching Muslims worldwide. Learn how to engage Muslims, understand them on a personal level, and gain an understanding of the role we have as Christians to boldly preach the gospel with conviction. Inspirational stories of transformation and personal testimonies will touch your heart and encourage you to engage Muslims like never before.

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